Our Member Promise

Great Deals

ReaderCity deals offer at least 50% off retail prices at some of the most popular businesses around town.

Quality Merchants

We research the businesses we feature, so rest easy and let us do the legwork.

Clear, Simple Terms

The fine print is always listed on your certificate. There aren't any hidden costs or restrictions, period.


Your contact information is never shared, sold, or distributed for any reason.

Customer Service

We're happy you're a customer and we hope the feeling is mutual. Please contact us by email at support@readercity.com or by phone at (619) 430-4968.

How Does ReaderCity Work?

2. Find a Deal

New deals are surfacing every day on ReaderCity. Be sure to check your email or readercity.com daily so you don't miss discounts for local restaurants, services, events, and more. When you find a deal of interest, simply click "BUY NOW" and follow the on-screen instructions. Done and done.

4. Print & Go

Sign into your account to access your deals. The printed deal will display all the information you'll need including the terms and redemption location. Just provide the merchant with the printed deal or pull it up on your ReaderCity mobile app and enjoy!